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Therapon can assist in your professional and business development.


Ø By utilizing resource tools leveraging from  supplier partnership and Therapon’s  ability to act as a medium to share these business opportunities.

Ø  Access to automatically upload and update pricing, inventory, sales reports, secure account information and much more.

Ø  Offering excellent value and only quality products.

Ø  Delivering and supporting exclusively only to registered veterinarians.

Ø  Recommending innovative ways to grow your business via our extensive range of suppliers.

Ø  Building trusting relationships based on honesty and transparency. 



Ø Complete a Therapon Account Application Form

Ø  Receive confirmation that your Account has been opened (this will occur within 24 hours of receiving your completed Application).

Ø  Log in to the Therapon website  (www.therapon.com.au)  using your unique username and password.

Ø  Go to ORDER if you wish to order online or to order via Therapon Customer Support please call 03 9808 6300 or Fax 03 9808 6311



Therapon is pleased to share education and business information, you are able to access this resource via:

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